Womens Premier Lg
by Rab Smith , round 4

Round Four
Dn Tech 4, Varsity 2

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tech hdr

Dn Tech 4, Varsity II 2
Green Island v Ros-Wak
Mosgiel v Qtown Rovers

10th June

Brrr, a cool night at the Turf, where Tech prevailed against
an impressive Varsity reserve side 4-2.

Yet the student side more than kept Tech honest with a highly competitive
effort that saw them twice in the lead creating a few furrows in Craig Johnston's brow.

The match hopefully shows an overall lift in quality throughout the Womens League
which has been dominated by Tech in recent years - and they will still take some catching ...

BUT its good to see matches in which the result is not predictable,
and hopefully we'll see more matches of this quality.

Tech's goals came from Emily Morrison, Erin Dickie
and Mikayla Gray 2, thanks for the info Craig.

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