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Larry Markham

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Good Old Larry has not been too well lately,
but his long term service as a true Roslyn guy is unquestionable.

In His playing career, he competed with distinction
through Junior grades including Otago rep. status
Larry played for several clubs- Dn Tech junior, HSOB, and Dunedin City
- before settling for the best - signing up with Roslyn in1968.
Larry still is one of the true characters in our present game.

Yes a few old timers back in this 1960 Otago U12 team,
Graeme Parker, Selwyn White, Glen Donaldson, Alan Baird, Brendon Woods,
Bian Mackie, Kevin Seaman, Robbie Neilson, James Thornley, LARRY MARKHAM
Neil Mackenzie, Graeme Boomer, David Stenhouse, and Chris Kaglund.

Pictured above with the unofficial Referees Assessment Panel at Ellis park,
Larry has never been short of an educated Opinion
and why not ? After observing local footie for nigh on fifty years.
Pic above includes the FIFA FFS panel - Larry, Norm, and the Big

Away from the 'limelight' this former winger/midfield player, has also been
a hard working RW committee member, Club Captain, President
and is a Life Member of the club, of which he is Patron.

Larry flanked by current RW Presidents Wayne Facer and Mark Preston

A less than formal Roslyn Team pic, with Larry at extreme right, back row
how many others can you name ?

Larry's basso profundo voice also got him into Roslyn's Famous Smoko Choir
which practised religious singing every Saturday at Ellis.
Larry is fourth from the right, next to Billy Ham and Davie Botts...

Of Course - nobody's perfect ..
Larry's a Liverpool fanatic - with scarf, car number plate
and even a 'Pool Flag fluttering in his garden, tsk, tsk
and we won't mention that tattoo - or where it is ...

Larry RW team2020

2020 present first team Ros-Wak squad, Larry centre front.

Hang in there Larry, all yer mates are rooting for you
see you on Saturday at Ellis eh ?

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Roslyn Squads
Shay Thom,  Luke Clissold, Karma Gyeltshen, Harley Rodeka,
Jak Stephenson, Josh Lucas,  Michael Sannum,  Reid Hulleman ,
Oliver Colloty,  Matthew Cordelle,  Nathan Wilkie ,
Tennessee Kinghorn,  Yuni Sung Chang,  Dylan Edwards, Curtis Day, 
Sam Cosgrove, Luke William's, Sam Cosgrove , Angus Brett ,
Jaime le Compt. Tom Steven's, James Govan,             
Coaches Terry Boylan  & Andrew Brook,
2nds Steven Brook & Rob Oram,  3rds Rob Stewart,
Terry Boylan SNR,  Yth Team Terry Hibbert.

Tech squad - Line-up:
GK 01 Cade Fink, RB 07 Chris Boomer, CB 04 Liam Lockhart, CB 12 David Hayman
LB 03 Samual Reidy, RM 06 Michael Bergin, CM 17 Michael Neaverson
LM 08 Caleb Osbourne, RW 10 Will Turner, CF 09 Ashley Watson, LW 02 Joel Theosson-Papp
GK 22 Daniel Robinson, FW 11 Patrick Koppert, FW 14 Chima Robert

University Squad

1: Stewart Catto, 2: Albie Murray (16), 3: Thomas Sule, 4: Tim O’Farrell,
5: Connor Stairs (7), 6: Thomas Stewart, 7: Ben Deeley, 8: Tom Durkin,
9: Allan Mcbride, 10: Oban Hawkins, 11: Ben Stanley, 12: Luke Schaffer-Swan,
13: Dominic Scahill, 14: Arnon Tapp, 15: Connor Spear, 16: Hugo Kidd,
17: Ben O’Farrell, 18: En Watanabe (5)
Senior Darren Hart, James Coombes
Mens Seconds, James Harris & Nich Kelly, Mens 3rds, Jack Campfens,
Mens 4ths – Aaron Conroy, Mens 5ths – Fraser Towers,
Womens Prems
Stuart Moffat and Tessa Nichol, Womens 2nds – Arnon Tapp